Song 4: She was Beautiful (Cavatina) - Myers & Lane - Arr. Alan Simmons.


    This is new to most of the choir. See how you get on.
    It is fairly slow and smooth. Most of you will have heard it before.
    The sops and altos sing the melody at different times and the men sing harmony most of the time.

    Pages 1 & 2 - Page 1: Piano introduction.
    The introducion is sung by the altos smooth long open vowel sounds soft.
    Page 2 sung in harmony with the altos still singing the tune.
    Bar 21 the sops begin singing the tune.


    Pages 3 & 4 Page 3 Sops sing tune on the 1st line with the altos taking over to bar 38.
    Bar 39 Sops sing tune for next page (4) until the top of page 5.


    Pages 5 & 6. Page 5 - Piano section until the bottom line when sops sing melody.
    At bar 66 the altos sing melody until bar 74 on page 6.
    Then the sops sing melody loud.


      Pages 7 & 8 Sops continue singing the tune for the top line on page 7.
      At bar 82 the altos sing the tune until bar 90 on page 8.
      Notice the last 2 bars slow down. The sops then sing the tune to the end.
      This is fairly quiet and gradualy slows down. Bar 91 and 92 notice the pauses.


      The whole accompaniment

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