Song 1 : It all begins with a dream - Don Besig & Nancy Price.


    This song should be smooth and care taken with the dynamics. Long notes should be held on for the full value.

    Pages 2 & 3 After the piano introduction the ladies sing the melody, the men then sing the melody a little louder.
    Finally everyone sings the melody slighty louder until the top of page 4 when we gradually get quieter.

    There will only be one recording of pages 2 & 3 since everyone sings the melody.

All Voices

    Pages 4 & 5. Page 4 starts in 4 parts slightly louder.
    It gradually gets louder on page 5 the last 2 notes are louder and slightly slower.


    Pages 6 & 7 Loud until the last note on page 6 when the sound dies away.
    From the 2nd line of page 7 it is quietly sung in unison.


    Pages 8 & 9. The first 2 lines of Page 8 sung in unison gradually getting louder. Bottom line on page 8 in harmony gradually getting louder.
    Page 9 end of bar 1 is loud and slightly paused on the first 2 notes. The rest of page 9 is loud and in harmony.


    Pages 10 & 11. Page 10 first note dies away then the rest of the page starts fairly quiet gets gradually louder.
    It is sung in unison until the last 2 bars on the top of page 11 which gets louder and slightly slower.
    The rest of page 11 is in unison until the last 2 bars.

    Page 12 is in harmony and is louder.
    The final line is very loud and remember the first beat on the last line is a rest.
    Last chord Sop 1 sing the top note and Sop 2 sing the middle note.


The whole accompaniment

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