Song 3 : Kalinka - Russian Folk Song


    This Russian Folksong has a fairly fast and loud chorus and a slow verse.
    There are 6 final choruses which start slow and quiet and gradually get louder and quicker.
    The last time is very very quick and fff.

    Pages 1 & 2 - Kalinka Chorus quick and loud. Up to 1st line of page 2.
    Solo Bass sings the Ah then men sing verse 1 quietly to the bottom of the page.
    The last 2 bars of the page the sops sing the tune with the altos singing harmony.
    The men sing the tune 1 bar after the sops.
    Page 3 This continues until the end of the 2nd line.
    We then sing the chorus on page one and then the 2nd verse same way as verse 1.
    At the end of the 2nd line page 3 we then sing the chorus 6 times start
    slow and quiet and gradually building up until the final climax Hi

    I shall play the piece 3 times through although I shall only play the final chorus twice. The 3 parts will be Sopranos, Altos and Men.


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