Here is the list of some of the songs we shall be singing at the Spring / Summer Concert 2022 on Saturday 21st May. You can follow your part for each song to make sure you know it. Finally I would like to apologise. Some of you will know that my eyesight isn't all that good since I have very poor parallax vision. I cannot read a voice part and the piano part at the same time. Sometimes I cannot read all of the piano accompaniment. Because of this please forgive any mistakes.

Looking at the songs

    Each song has been divided into approximately 2 page sections. There will be 4 recordings for each section for the 4 voices. I will stress the individual part so that you can play your part several times to learn it.

    Hopefully this method will enable you to learn each song and you can practise whenever you like. GOOD LUCK!

    After this there will be a You Tube video of a choir singing the song in 4 part harmony.

    Do let me have any observations you may have.

    Voices are as follows:-

      S or Sop = Soprano ------ A or Alto= Alto
      T or Ten = Tenor ------ B = Bass

      At the end of each song there is a link back to this page.

    Here is a list of the songs for rehearsals: Most of them you will already know but others are fairly new.
    Click on the link to go to the individual songs.
    A few of the pieces have the sheet music printed but it is probably best if you use your own copy of the music.
    All the songs we are singing at the June 2022 Concert except Les Mis are now online. Try to rehearse as many as you can.

    1: Flying Free Free - A song by Don Besig

    2: Thank you for the Music

    3: I am a small part of the World

    4: Takadamu - Lead the Way by S. Albrecht and J. Althouse

    5: Benedictus - Benedictus by Robat Arwyn

    6: Tumbalalaika - Tumbalalaika is a Yiddish song arranged by DeCormier

    7: For the Trumpet Shall Sound by Sally Albrecht

    8: We'll gather Lilacs by Ivor Novello

    9: Cantar by Jay Althouse

    10: You don't have to say you love me Sung by Dusty Springfield

    11: Love walked in by George and Ira Gershwin

    12: Amen by Alan Simmons

    13: Bridge over troubled water by Simon Garfunkel