Hello everyone and a happy covid free new year. I hope you all had a joyful and blessed Christmas and that 2021 will be a happier year for everyone.

    I originally wanted to begin rehearsals in the Methodist Hall on January 8th but, of course, that is not possible. Looking at the ways I could organise some type of rehearsal, the obvious way was to use the internet.

    I looked at Zoom and Skype but discarded both for a number of reasons. After careful consideration, I decided to set up the rehearsals using the choir website. I began this is 2019 but it is still not finished. The advantage of this method is that you can rehearse whenever you like and whichever song you like.

    Finally I would like to apologise. Some of you will know that my eyesight isn't all that good since I have very poor parallax vision. I cannot read a voice part and the piano part at the same time. Sometimes I cannot read all of the piano accompaniment. Because of this please forgive any mistakes.

Looking at the songs

    Each song has been divided into approximately 2 page sections. There will be 4 recordings for each section for the 4 voices. I will stress the individual part so that you can play your part several times to learn it.

    After learning each section, I will play the whole piece through for you to sing all of it.

    Hopefully this method will enable you to learn each song and you can practise whenever you like. GOOD LUCK!

    Shortly I shall add some exercises to improve the sound you make etc. After you have learnt the 8 pieces, I will add more.

    Do let me have any observations you may have. At the moment the first four pieces have been completed.

    Voices are as follows:-

      S or Sop = Soprano ------ A or Alto= Alto
      T or Ten = Tenor ------ B = Bass

      Here is a list of the songs for rehearsals: Sone of them you will already know but others are new. Click on the link to go to the individual songs.